Over the years the bush hogs tail wheel's bushings wore out and oblonged the axle holes in the yoke.

So I took the yoke and wheel off the cutter, drilled holes through the original 1/2" axle holes? in the yoke for hex bolts that I drilled for the new axle and bushing kit from john deere..

I cut the hex bolts off flush with the inside of the yoke. The bolts became shoulder bushings that could be easily welded to the yoke.. I had some circles with the right size hole on the shelf so I use one to hold the fixed yoke in it's mounting tube.

The bush hog has never turned so good on it's tail wheel, even when it was brand new over twenty years ago it never reacted so fast. Now as soon as I move the tractor the tail wheel follows where before it hung up and would tear out sod until it would eventually track in the right direction.