The first pictures are of a new Extech IR thermometer. I been wanting one for silver brazing.

The other pics show how I did the Trubolt job.

I used masking tape and a center finder punch to mark the holes, the marks came out real nice, the brackets and holes lined right up after the table was put back in place..

I lifted the table with the jack to get the plates out of the floor so me and the SIL could move the table out of the way to drill the holes.... they lifted right out, no problem at all. I used my pinch bar and sledge to move the table back into position.

The plates went down into the floor easily after the holes were drilled, blew all four holes out with the compressor, then pushed the angle iron brackets up to the pipe legs, the holes matched up perfectly thanks to the center finder punch marks on the tape.

The last picture shows how with the weight of the generator the legs on the opposite side of the crane stayed down on the floor...before the trubolts, they lifted 6" off the floor with the same generator. The generator is about two inches off the floor, just high enough for the crane to hold the weight of the machine.

I left the trublots long... I might be able to use them for an attachment of some kind in the future. I'm going to put 3/8 fuel line over the threads to protect them.

The trubolts were 3/8 X3 3/4 long. torqued to 25 ft/lbs, the holes were drilled 3" into the floor.

Pictures were taken with my new Canon SX500IS, I'm going to love shooting pictures with this little camera... Thanks for looking.