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    Default Trubolt information from red head

    Just talked to trubolt about my stem sticking up a inch or so past the nut, they said there is supposed to be one diameter of space below the bottom of the trubolt and the bottom of the hole. In other words a 3/8" trubolt should have 3/8" space between the bottom of the trubolt and the bottom of the hole. He did some figuring and said in my situation I should have a 1000 lbs holding power.

    I told him that information isn't on their website as far as I can see, he's going to talk to his web people about the situation and correct it if it needs to be added.

    If I were to do it again I would use the 3-5 turn rule instead of their torque setting... It wouldn't have pulled up so far. They said the reason for the 3-5 turn rule is because in some parts of the country the sand they use in their concrete makes it harder or softer. Texas has harder concrete than Florida.
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