Hey guys,

Any help with pictures would be greatly appreciated.

I have an old 1997 model 225D with the ruggerini Engine on it. Yes its loud, when it runs. This little machine ran great a few years back and then all the sudden lost power. I figured fuel and replaced the lift pump them both injector pumps. it has ran, but idles real rough and smokes. I am at a place now where I would like to get it running again. I drained the fuel and replaced with new. the old stuff was yellowish and slimy. tried to fire it off nothing I primed the manual pump loosened the injector lines got diesel, ect. sprayed WD40 in the intake while cranking, did not attempt to start. it does puff fuel/air mixture out of the tail pipe then I noticed it coming from under the head!?!?! Has it been a blown head gasket this whole time?

next dilemma,

I found another engine that runs. it came off of a unit that had 987 hours on it. should I try to swap it? the hardest part seems to be separating the stator from the motor. it has a tapered shaft and possible a broken bolt inside. does anyone have a repair manual for this? can you scan the pages I need to separate the motor from the stator?

is it easier to change the head gasket. i still don't know if that's it or not.

thanks for your time