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Thread: 150 tons of fun

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    Default 150 tons of fun

    So some of you may remember me asking around for 75 ton hydraulic cylinders for a press brake I planned on building. Found a couple cylinders about 3 months ago,so knowing what size and psi they were I had a pump ordered and built a 4 foot press brake. Pictures are from a month ago and it still sits now as it looks. I have not had time to do much else to it. It is functional but I still need to add adjustable stops, back gauge and a hold down for the bottom die.
    Attached Images Attached Images
    2- XMT's 350 cc/cv
    1- BOBCAT 250
    1- TRAILBLAZER 302
    1- DYNASTY 200 DX
    1- MAXSTAR 150 STL
    1- HF-251 BOX
    1- S-74d
    1- S-75DXA
    2- 12-RC SUITCASES
    1- 8-VS SUITCASE
    2- 30 A SPOOLGUNS

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