Anybody else here doing this? I had to move recently, might have to again at some point. Moving is a gigantic hassle, just awful. Oh, you get around to throwing out stuff you really didn't HAVE to have, certainly a plus. But you also end up giving away some things you'd rather have kept, but don't immediately have a good place for or time to work on (my '76 Yamaha RD-400, sob!).

Anyhow, partly in hope of making another move a little easier, I bought an extra-long (45') extra-tall (called "high cube") cargo container. I planted it on a leveled pad of gravel, not concrete, and will wire it to the electrical service with a marine-style plug, so that the whole deal is legally "temporary" and can avoid building permits. The container has a roll-up garage door in the middle of one side, with barred sliding windows on either side, and a man-door at the end of the same side, at the opposite end from the cargo doors, which won't get opened nearly as often. It has a run of standard double flourescent light fixtures on the ceiling from one end to the other, and electrical boxes every 8' down the back wall. It cost me about $350 (with a tip to the driver) to get the container moved about 35 miles. The container itself, with the modifications, I got for the very good price of $4000.

Because of the move, my would-be shop is just crammed and piled with boxes of tools and supplies and manuals. I'm about to begin dragging stuff outside while I set up benches, build storage shelving, and generally make a useable space. When I eventually have something worth showing, I'll shoot and post some pix.

Of course, being long and narrow, a container-shop is sort of like having a shop in a hallway, with predictable pros and cons. Any big projects have to be done outside, under some variety of carport. I might very well get a second container, but am limited as to spanning two containers with a hard roof over an open space between in not wanting to have the authorities start telling me my installation no longer looks temporary.

The majority of my welding gear is going into a smallish step-van that I also have to customize with shelves and such. If I do have to move again, I'm going to already be packed and portable!! Anything I put in the container will be screwed in place or otherwise quickly securable. If you have seen how one of these containers gets moved, on a flatbed trailer that works like one of those roll-on tow trucks, you can see that anything inside has to be pretty well held down.

Anyhow, I'm interested to hear from any of you who have already done something like this, and have good ideas to share.