My pressure washers" handle was to low, it would hurt my back to move it even a few feet so I took the front foot off and welded it to the machines handle and built a new foot to mount the new hose reel.

After I mounted the hose reel and new foot to the front of the machine the handle was springy from the added weight. So I took 1 X 1/8 flat stock and welded a 3/4 washer to one end and slipped the washer over the machines 3/4 rear axle an bolted the flat stock to the upper handle using the original foots mounting holes .... now the weight of the machine is picked up by the flat stock.

One picture shows the handle being pulled with my come along to take all the slack out of the handle before I drilled the top mounting hole in the flat stock.

Another picture shows how I built a place to hold a soap bottle but it made the machine to long so I shortened it.

Now that the handle is higher and pulls the machine up by it's axles I can move the machine around allot more comfortably with no back pain.