Ok so i have welding experience in stick, tig, and mig. I currently have a 110v mig with steel and stainless tanks and spools. I also have a 220v dc/ac stick welder that i have set up to also tig stainless.
ive been looking around to get an aluminum tig set up so my girlfriends dad gave me a high frequency box to put on my stick unit. I get that i obviously hook the power cable to power cable stud and same for the ground side along with hooking gas up and what not.
As stated i have experience tig welding aluminum but it has always been on his 220v digital tig welder. So my question comes in the fact of now that i have it hooked up do i just flip my stick box to AC and set the power out put? Is it really that simple? Second, once i have it up and running is it possible to convert it to utilize a pedal control? (I would like this functionality for tig welding aluminum and stainless)
Third, and last, does it yield the same quality tig welds as an actual tig unit?
(I understand that it is also based on how well i weld just want to know if the quality of me welding with it will match the quality of me welding with his digital tig unit)