Dang! Guilty as charged. It's said that, "The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask". Wrong; a Dumb question is one you would not have asked had you had the basic, readily-available facts in your head. After I posted, I packed up the laptop, drove home (where I have no internet access), took another look at the specs of the new machine before I went to bed, and saw that it has DC-TIG only. Duuuuhhhhh. Hardly a deal-killer (that would've been for a feature that didn't work well), in fact, a handy upgrade over the Passport Plus. (Slinks off, tail between legs).

As to the search, I did try "multimatic 200" in some fashion and saw no references at all, as I told you. Don't know why. I had the same null results with a couple of other things here. I'm pretty sure I was logged in at the time.

(EDIT) Just went and tried the search again and got lots of hits. What's happening? One difference this time is that the search (advanced version) feature was not asking me to type in the "recapcha" words. But in my previous tries, even when it was satisfied that I had reproduced the recapcha words correctly, it still told me it could find nothing using my terms. Yes, I spelled the terms correctly.