I had asked around over the last few years about a mig or a tig for my boat projects. i finally bought a miller 250 mig machine with a 30A spool gun..

I warped the heck out of my transom while filling the I/O hole ...luckily i am straightening that out slowly..

Today i ran home from work at 3:30 and started cutting my 1.5 x1.5" aluminum for my outboard bracket. I set up everything on a 3/4" piece of plywood outside( no work shop big enough) I have it figured out mostly on a cad program...so i had the "sizes" written down..and i had made up a woeden mock up first. I went to town by 9:30 pm I had this done:

the 80/20 stuff i got from work...was obviously clear anodized.. and gave me a little trouble...plus it has thin and thick portions... but I used it because that will be bolted to the boat and I wanted a beefier frame than the 1.5" square tube with .125" wall. the rest is the tube i bought. the square tube welded real nice.... I played with the feed and finally dialed in a good weld....I got it all together, and i clean up all the welds and go over it again for stronger welds. the middle frame, I will add .250 plate to to stiffen the sides and the top, because that is where the motor will hang Ill have a 3/4" plate for the motor mount side....the rest will just get covered with 1/8 sheet.....i really love Mig welding.... I just think I will be able to use this machine a lot more than i was led to beleive over the years... the boat work doesnt have to be pretty and there is usually so much of it, Tigging it would take hours