Hi there. sorry its not really a welding question. But so I've had an autodarkening helmet for a few years now, and its still fine, not looking to replace it (the headband is at just that right spot where it fits comfortable.)

I'm actually working on an electronics project for someone, and its still in the conception phase.

But can you get, and autodarkening helmet that is clear transparent? What I mean is the helmet I have, Normally its a light green color. The helmet I'm looking to get that's straight clear I'm going to be ripping the actual view port and electronics out of it and mounting it behind a transparent display.

You usually can't see the dispaly in the daytime because of light coming from behind. My plan is I want to put the display on the autodarkener, And make it so that on a button press, behind the display will go dark for a second for the user to see the text well, then when they let off the button it'll go back transparent.

All I'm able to find in the local welding shop though are ADHelmets with either green or purple glass in them. DO clear ones exist?

Sorry for the long post and any confusion that it may cause. But with how it looks if I can get this 1 part of the project working for the guy, it opens up a couple thousand dollars more work to do for him.
Thanks for any help you can give.