Hello, and thanks for taking some time to advise.
I am going to look at a Dynasty 200dx machine tomorrow, ser # LJ130206L, the owner states 45 hrs of hobby use, I have seen other sellers list hours and torch strikes, how can I verify this when I go to see the machine? is this feature resettable thereby negating the authenticity of the info?
I know that prices are all over the place for this, he is selling the machine for 3500.00 including 60cuft bottle, smith regulator, wp9, wp17 torches, 12 foot and 25 foot cable / hoses and covers, two ground leads one 25 and one 50 foot one is a clamp and the other is magnetic, a foot and also a finger controller, a bunch of consumables, and a cart

in my heart I will offer him 2800.00 if it is all that he claims, 3100.00 if I can't leave without it.

I can try it out but never having tig welded I don't know where and what to start to look for, I have weighed purchasing a diversion 165 new instead, but I have a bad habit of buying the best I can afford, this way I am the limiting factor and not the equipment

thanks again for any useful input