I have searched and read quite a bit, and I'm still not sure I have everything in my head regarding soem of the basics... before I even turn the 180 on.

I have found a lot of detail, and a lot of options. I know I'll be coming back to read more; but for the short term, I'm hoping understand what I can do to be adequately prepared to begin learning.

1. I intend to start off welding mild steel and aluminum only. I'm interested in buying basic torch accessories (tungsten, collets, and other parts that I'll need during the course of learning). I'm really just looking for a good place to start.

2. After reading a good bit, I'm confused by the debates about the different alloy tungsten electrodes. What's a good place to start for a beginner? I want to learn the right way; but, I also don't want to go overboard if not necessary at the beginning. (I've read the cancer discussions about Thoriated, and not sure how fearful to really be.)

3. Grinding the tungsten appears to run the extremes from hand to specialized grinders. I have a spare grinder, so I thinking about buying a new fine wheel for it to dedicate to the tungsten. I also have a couple Dremels and an unused diamond disk for it. I have seen different jigs and discussions; but, I haven't stumbled across any videos yet that show proper orientation of the tungsten while grinding to produce grind marks parallel to the axis of the tungsten... although I'll be doing more searching for them.

I guess what I'm asking is advice on what type order/buy initially so that I don't get started, and then make multiple trips to the LWS (or wait for UPS).

There's a lot of reading to do on all these subjects. I'm just trying to get a foothold.

Thanks for any advice.