Hi,I've searched this topic and found some pretty useful information. Some of it is a few years old, though. I thought I should make sure current gloves are considered, too.I'm the proud owner of a new Diversion 180. Before taking some actual lessons, I thought I would follow the instructor's advice and get comfortable feeding filler rod with my non-torch hand. (That's covered in a different thread.)My question here concerns opinions on the best TIG glove for a novice. I think it would be best to have the most comfortable, best-fitting glove for feeding the filler... at least until I get comfortable with feed rate and hand-eye coordination.I have been happy with Tillman MIG gloves. I have read about Miller, Tillman and Black Stallion for TIG. Out of all of these, which would you guys recommend for good fingertip feel and control of the filler rod?Thanks for any help you can provide.Jeff