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Question... my Hobart power supply in the fore-posted pics... the big dials on the front are for changing voltage out put! How does that translate to amp output.??? Amp output is what I'm used to.

And can this power supply be used as a stick welder?? I assume I would have to wire a switch that would bypass the contactor inside the unit... as there is only voltage out put to the lugs when you press the button on the mig gun!

I attached a pic of the unit here! Thanks
Wire feed welders (MIG) are normally constant voltage machines. Stick/Tig welders are constant current machines. There is a way to use a cv machine to stick weld but you would need a resistance grid and you can likely buy a stick welder cheaper that the grid which I don't think are very common(someone correct me?) The current adjustment on your cv machine is the wire speed. That is more wire more current at any given voltage setting. -Meltedmetal