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I've got over 200,000 miles on both of my 7.3 Ford Diesels and have never had any major work.

I did have to replace injectors due to a ton of water in the fuel about 10 years ago, The damaged happened within a couple hours from filling up so my insurance company went after the station and covered the repair.

All I can say is that I hope my new truck ( Whenever I get one ) Treats me as good as the 97 F-350 and my 99 F-550.

Tryagn5, I have never done a oil sample or used synthetic oil.
I change my oil every 5,000 miles and use oil that meet all the SJ ratings.

The main reasons that engines fail are : That you didd'nt change your oil when your suppose to or you have a leak and you let the oil get to low.
Just from that post i can see you have not owned an egr motor, or a dpf engine. Most engines now do not fail for lack of oil. They fail because of egr failure, injector failure burning pistons, fuel containation in the oil washing out the bearing, or hard part failure. Saying i change my oil on time will make it last forever simply does not hold true.
People are missing my entire point, you can not compare the 5.9 cummins, or 7.3 to the newer engines, the new diesels are a completely different animal. Of course a 7.3 or 5.9 blows a gas away, thus the reason i own 2 7.3's.
The entire reason for oil sampling is to montior the amount of fuel going into the oil, as when the truck goes into regen, fuel ends up in the oil, to much, or a failing injector tells the sign it needs to be addressed. Take the 6.4 ford, very few fail because of oil, rather they fail from injectors which burn the pistons, or oil which is broken down causing rods bearings to spin.
Also the oil requirements have changed for the motors, most require 5w40, something which resists breakdown, also fuel filtration must be perfect, thus the cost of fuel filters, and the fequency of replacement.
Im going to take flack for this but the cost of the new diesel can not be understood until someone has owned one and repaired one. I just changed out one injector and 2 rocker arms on a 6.4 f350, total bill was $2500. Ford wanted close to 3100, and the truck for nearly a week. Injector was just shy of $550. Truck is on motor 3, gets about 13mpg, and just broke 140k. Now tell me how diesel is cheaper than gas.