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    Default Suitcase 12 RC Meter display

    Hello , I have a question about the suitcase 12 rc wire feeder. A friend of mine just got one of these units and he seems to have some errors appearing on the displays when welding and when the unit is hooked up and energized , but not welding. The machine he hooked it up to is a XMT 350 cc/cv, however he has also experienced this problem when hooked up to a trailblazer. With all of the settings and cable connections correct, he seems to have a 3-5 volt variance between the power source and what the display on the 12 RC is indicating. I believe he said the power source indicated 23 volts , and the suitcase meters indicated 20 volts. I suggested to him that maybe there is a wonky cable connection or ground cable connection or issue with the quality of the physical cable connections. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I guess im trying to aim this question at Cruizer, but any reply is appreciated.
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    Could be noise with the control cable, ie if you were to place a weld cable over the control cable, their is enough electrical noise to cause a problem with the 2 feedback circuits. or right behind the dsplay are a bunch of dip switches that tell the display what to do. One or several may be in the wrong position.

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