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Thread: Helmet Bag

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    Default Helmet Bag


    This may be the dumbest post on this forum; but, I'm stumped.

    I purchased a Miller helmet last spring. (I believe it was an Elite model.)

    It came with a bag. And that bag confuses the heck out of me with all the excess cord and the way it opens.

    Is there some common sense way to use the bag?



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    Default Helmet Bag

    If its the same bag I have, it's just a cinch bag. To open you pull out the hole and it opens the bag. To close it you grab the two ropes on each side and pull it closed. Not sure if it is the same one but it sounded like it.

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    Here's a posting from the weldingweb on that same topic. You are not the only one.

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    Default Glad It's Not Just Me

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the posts.

    BD1, thanks for the link, too. I feel better after reading it. Besides helping me understand that I am not the "only one" trying to see the logic in the bag, it made me chuckle a little, too.

    I have used the bag a few times... the thing that bugs me is that there doesn't seem to be a right, or a wrong way to place the helmet inside the bag. I've tried it right side up, upside down, across the seam, with the seam... there just didn't seem to be a place that it really fit.

    I looked for information in the manual, too, like a poster on the other thread mentioned. I figured there must be something somewhere that would at least give a basic description of how it should be used (e.g. lens side of helmet face up with the helmet laying in the direction of the bottom seam).

    I think I would need to be a lot better shape if I intended to start wearing that bad as a backpack. To me, that would seem like an invitation for an a**-kicking; but, I could be wrong.

    I love the helmet. It was more costly than I thought was practical; but, in hindsight, I am really glad that I spent the extra dollars on it. Great purchase.

    Thanks again for the replies.


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    Default Try one of these...

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    LOL...I also appreciate this thread, I agree it's a confusing cinch. Took me more time then I thought or would care to expose to get the hang of it! Lol. And it IS a great helmet. Made the leap on the recommendation of JMK Welding,another forum member. The test drive sold me!
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    May it's a pre test for welding. If ya can't get past the bag, ya have no business welding.
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    QUOTE=monte55;307501]May it's a pre test for welding. If ya can't get past the bag, ya have no business welding.[/QUOTE]

    I was afraid someone might say this....


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    There's a pocket in the bottom of the bag for the "chin" of the helmet...slip it in and cinch it up...I picked up a backpack that holds the helmet, jacket and gloves as well as tools and other crap here:

    The link is screwy..just type backpack in the search and it'll come up
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    Default New Fancy Bag...

    These are the ones that all the kids are toting these days...find a 6th grader to help you learn how it works.
    The strings on each side are independent of each other. It goes in one side, around the top and back out the same way it came in. Each string does this. I hope that helps without demeaning too much;-)
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