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This is not intended as intruding on the thread, but rather germaine.

I have a 165 and have been struggling to learn it for a couple years now. Just myself and the Gurus on this forum. I bought a foot pedal as I couldn't work the thumbwheel and I just converted to the WP-17 torch and silken hose assembly.

Both are major improvements IMHO. From a welding nobody BTW....

That said. Trying it out today was a PITA as nothing seemed to work the same. I'm ignorant.

Instead of trying to join pieces should I just work on a single clean piece and get to run smooth beads for a while? I suspect that's the learning path, what say you all?

Thanx, Steve
Yes. Grab a flat piece and only use the torch NO filler. Start the puddle and work across the plate working on consistency with the bead profile.

Once you have that down you can introduce the filler- still working on flat plate/sheet

1/8" is plenty or what ever you have around but you don't want it too thin or you'll just blow through.

Once you get the that down you can start on butt joints, lap and then fillets.