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    Default collars for dumbell

    Hi, I wonder how they made the collars for this load able dumbell Handel.
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    Default collars for dumbell

    I made one before with 50mm/2 inch washers but they were a bit thin

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    Default collars for dumbell

    The bar and Handel is 2iinch/50mm

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    There is too much paint on it to tell. Could be a casting, a forging, a welded assembly or machined from a large enough bar.--Meltedmetal

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    Could be lathed. the ones with thread on the ends are.

    Grip it and Rip it

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    Here's better pics
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    Default Wow...

    Never have I seen something so simple be treated like it needs to be sent to NASA for analysis...!
    It is punched out of flat plate or bar.
    You can see the die marks on the edge...or punch marks, however you decide which one leaves them.
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    Default collars for dumbell

    They cut from plate not punch if they are old it was oxyfuel. Newer ones are made using plasma or laser.

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    The discs are burned from plate. Either oxy/acet or plasma. My guess the ones in the pic are oxy/acet. With a burning machine doing a large qty. the cost would be cheap. To make just a few it wouldn't be profitable for resale.

    Today plasma would most likely be used.
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    Default collars for dumbell

    So they just plasma cut the holes out of a 1/2 inch 25mm plate?

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