I'm sure this has been discussed before, but it can be like finding a needle in a haystack searching for some things.....so, sorry if this is redundant.

First of all, we're new to aluminum welding. We have a big project welding aluminum parts and are having problems with the wire melting into the contact tip. We're using the Aluma Pro gun on a 350P.

We're using .035 4043 , and also had same issues using 3/64 4043. Things go fine for a couple minutes, then if you stop to move around the piece to the next weld, or moving to the next piece, the wire melts to the tip when you attempt to start the next weld. We're using the recommended settings for the thickness of material, and also running 2.5 sec. postflow gas to help cool the tip. It seems that the tip gets hot, and when stopped, the wire sticks in the contact tip.

This is frustrating for the operator and costly for me. Please help. Thank you for your help.