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Not just once either Joe.Five times.
I'm amazed. There are 5 excavators in Delaware???????? And all of them cracked in exactly the same place????? No wonder they keep breaking there (a relatively low-stress point), they must be banging into each other every time they swing around. I suggest moving three excavators out of the state, thus leaving just enough room for the other two to work.

I would also suggest the resident "expert" concerning welding/repairs in that state, keep his mouth shut, otherwise some of the guys in neighboring states will realize how easy the competition is in Delaware. Heck, even I'm wondering. I came from Mass. originally, I'd have no problem going back. And "wire" isn't necessarily .035 hardwire, it's also the various dualshield wires and innershield wires, I can easily double or triple stick deposition rates, both flat or out of position.

My apologies to MMW, you posted a valid problem, and a correct solution to the problem. I admit, like you, I probably wouldn't have slugged the back of the weld, without specific advice to do so. With hindsight, I realize now this is probably the best way to approach this repair. Thanks for posting up, that's what this message board is for.

Really.. u cant just let that go can ya?.... well as i said before, i also use a feeder. WHERE NEEDED! But just out of curiosity.. lets say you had a cat bucket, 8' wide, you cut the old edge off and replacing it with a new cat edge. Whatcha gonna weld it with? Wire size? Machine? Wire type?... i agree he fixed this problem pretty close to what we have done. I wasnt saying anything but i have seen quite a few of these, their pretty common. I dont see the problem with what i said, exept you just have to start ****. I have been fixing heavy equipment since about 15yrs ago and with that strictly welding was the specialty in the shop i learned in. This is what i do. So why is it surprising that i have done this?... or very close to this