I am new to this forum, Well all forums for that matter. I have read some good things here and I am glad to be a part of the discussions.
I ran into an issue on a job the other day that has me scratching my head. I have worked My trailblazer hard since day one but keep very good care of it and have never had a single issue. Its and upgrade for me a 2012 302 (not EFI). I had what I can only describe as a duty cycle issue the other day while welding With my 12 VS feeder. I was welding 1/2" galvanized steel plates to 3/8 Mill steel plates. Lap welds in spray arc with .045 E70s-6 and 90/10 mix. The volts where at 29 on the TB (only 26.5 at the feeder but there was a pretty good voltage drop as is typical with the VS Feeder) Wire speed at 390 IPM. The Passes where 20 inches long. By the end of each pass the weld would slow down significatly to the point where it would even leave spray arc transfer. Then I had wait a few mins for the next pass or it would just weld poorly. I was under the impression the TB was 100% duty cycle??? and if it ever did cycle over that it would simply shut down! Has anybody ever heard of such an issue ? My miller rep had no answers for me.

Thanks in advance!