I finally bit the bullet and bought a welder for my home, for doing projects on my boats. I bought a Miller 250 with a 30A spool gun. i also got a 50 ft extension cord...the cart has a place for 2 bottles of gas. the guy said one is for pure argon and the other is for argon -co2 mix( for welding steel). OK ill have to rent the bottles. DO i really need the mixed gas bottle? the reason i ask, is that i have a TIG machine at work and we use ultra pure Argon on that machine.. and i weld aluminum, stainless steel and regular steel with the same gas....seems to be fine.

gan i use the pure argon at home with my MIG machine to weld steel ( knowing I have to revert the regular wire feed in the machine)


PS the mig welded way way easier than i had heard...we did test welds before i bought it, and we used just aluminum sitting on the shelf..didnt wire brush it or nothing...welded fine9 to my eyes.... I was welding in 5 minutes...of course my welds are a little high......but the finess is like learning to use a clutch in a standard car.....