Hi all, I might be premature in posting I did try searching w the question of wire feed problems but I couldn't find what I was looking for? I have a new to me mm 200 Ser # JA438697. I'm trying to use this thing, but I'm having the wire stutter or completely stop while trying to weld and then I'll adjust the tension only to have it jam up some how at feed motor...I"ll have 50 ' of wire on floor with multiple re feeds and then I have to go in to house to wipe my eyes from crying Ha. It came w the original ga 20 wire feed but was having a hard time with it so I got two new mig guns a tregaskiss 250 .30 wire and a m 10 for .23 wire and I have the same problem w both. The one thing I do notice is the wire does get rusty not that you can see really but feel on the wire. I'm sure this does effect it some how. What is going wrong?? I have seen the scotch bite style pads for wire feeds Do these work for rust? I'm In Mich and machine is in barn with temp and humidity fluctuations.If you guys could point me in the right directions I would most appreciate it.