Hey folks, first-time poster, thanks for having me.

There's a photo below.

So I'm welding my relocated frame motor mounts on my Jeep's frame for an engine swap, and things are going pretty well. I'm a novice welder with maybe ten hours of practice, and countless hours of welding study & research under my belt.

I'm welding with a 110v MIG, using 0.035" flux core (Lincoln Innershield NR-211).

I stop welding to check out my progress, and for the first time, I see that I blew a 1/8" hole right through the frame! The frame is 1/8" thick. This has never happened before, even while practicing and intentionally pushing the machine to the limits (moving too fast, too slow, wire feed too fast, too slow, etc). I also had already welded the other motor mount with no issues.


Any idea why this happened?

I think the weld looks alright. What do you guys think? Is a second pass necessary?

Cheers, -Alex.