Hi all just joined after reading some of the great info here by those that know allot more than me ! My machine sat all winter and when I fired it up a couple weeks ago no output ! It is a 1967 Airco Wasp {made by Miller** Mod. 2.25A/AMEL-A ser#R395785 . I took the shroud off and cleaned a bunch of contacts etc. still nothing ,All the leed connectors have been cleaned and I have tryed every thing right back to the tails directly off the front pannle . I have DC power to the aux outlet but no AC power on the side outlets ? I have not tried ac weld output because I need DC ! I have not looked at the back side of the buss bar board because from what I can see that is all good I cleaned the contacts for the switch . This machine seems simple enough everything is real basic but I just cant figure it out ! I also cleaned the copper rings that the brushes ride on and did find one of the side by side smaller brushes was stuck so I freed that up . I also emoried the back side of the amp adjuster dial but that looked good anyway . I don't own a tester but can get one if need be . I have the manual and think I understand what parts are what ,but any sugestions please be descriptive in were I am looking . Thank you in advance for any help ! I desperatly need my machine to work !