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    Default lincoln sa300 not striking

    i have a lincoln sa300. im having trouble with my arc. it puts out little sparks but wont strike when i go to weld. i have checkd all my grounds, brushes and fuses. does anyone know of any other things that could be wrong with it... and are the brushes supposed to sit on the exciter freely or are they supposed to be tightened down. any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    What is the type of electrode and the amperage your set to?

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    The brush holder should be solid and the brushes should slide freely in the holder without binding but they are held against the slip rings or, commutator as the case may be, by springs. Was it recently working and just quit or is this the way it has always been since you have known it?-Meltedmetal

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    I have a Lincoln classic 3 with a tm 27 gas engine that was having the same sounding problem. I turned the low idle down to save gas and turned it down to much and it would not arc from a idle. Set the low idle at 1180 to 1200 rpm with a tach. The engine has to turn a certain rpm to get the exciter to excite. This info works if your sa 300 has a gas burner in it.

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    lohydro check your weird as it may sound, i fixed the problem by reoving one of my breakers...

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