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I replace the cords on my own grinders when needed. I bought a roll of 14-3 so or sa cord, i cant remember exactly what the cord is but its the more expensive of the 2 types of cords that lowes stocks. And another thing i havnt done yet but already bought the stuff for is switch everything over to twist lock... the reason for that is to keep the cord short. With a short cord 2' or less you dont have to wrap it up, and with a standard plug you will have to tie a knot which will get in the way while your using it...u following me so far? I think the reason your cords break at the grinder is because of the way it has to get wrapped up. It usually pulls the cord tight at the grinder.
I like swivel whip hoses on my air tools to be 4' long so the connection doesn't get caught on anything under the hood. I would think 2' is right there in the way, just my opinion of course .

My Milwaukee Hole Shooters disconnect right at the handle out of the way.