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    turbo38t Guest

    Default Is pulsing with Triple 777Dual Shield wire realistic?

    We have pulse migs at work, just curious if it's possible or should I try it out with solid wire?

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    You can pulse with dual shield wire, but there's not a lot of point to it. The only time I've done it is when I was trying to keep the heat input down for better impacts. It's a better output for welding with solid wire as it'll help cool the puddle for better control out of position, or for lower distortion.

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    Default Is pulsing with Triple 777Dual Shield wire realistic?

    I've always been told the same no benefit to pulse with dual shield wire. When running dual shield I normally use mig in spray transfer.
    I switched to dual metal or metal core wire and use pulse, have really got to like pulse mig. Great penetration, look awesome, but best of all it's very fast ! At first try had trouble keeping up with it, just wasn't use to welding that fast. With out question it increased my production. Also has proven itself in the field, works for me.

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