Used a FCAW wire feeder system at school the other night. Decent end result welds but the spatter is unbelievable; with or without shielding gas, 75/25. Just makes a mess. Instructor couldn't get it to do any better either; thought it was the wire grade/age.... Coupons were 1/2" armor plate.

So today I put a roll of unshielded .035 on my Miller 211, removed the nozzle and immediately burned up the tip, worse spatter than in class. Tried several different WFS/V settings, none had any different results, all nasty messes. With the 211 even the end result welds weren't acceptable. Worse than any bad stick beads I've ever done. Coupons were 1/8" mild steel.

According to our textbook FCAW now makes up about 50% of wire feed process usage. Someone is getting better results than we are for sure if that's true. :-)

Open to any recommendations y'all may have.