First off, i'll introduce myself. My name is Terry, i live in Eden NY. I work on our family dairy farm and in my spare time i'm either working on motorcyles or out riding.
Now onto the issue i'm having. I've owned my millermatic 140 for 6 years now and it has worked flawlessly up until last summer. When you start the weld, it acts as though it is not hot enough, you can feel the wire hitting the material. once you get a puddle it will weld just fine. it only does this once in a while, but has been acting up more recently. i checked my ground and ground connections, everything is clean. to rule out a feed problem, i hooked up my spool gun. welded great on the scrap piece i tried, then went to weld the project i was working on and it did the same thing, like its not getting hot enough on the start.
Anbody have any suggestions?