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    Default Sq tube rifle rest

    Since I have welders and tools and save my small steel I built this rifle rest a couple years back. I didn't like what I saw for around $100 so I decided I would build my own.

    3" sq for the body

    1" NC althread for the height adjusting screw

    Three 1" nuts, one for the height adjusting screw drilled out for 1/2" rods that were silvered in. Some day I would like to shorten the 1/2" rods and silver a ring to them.

    1" solid stock for the legs

    1 1/4" X 1/8 sq tube for the telescopic tube.

    To get the flashing out of the 1 1/4" sq tube I cut a 75 degree angle on a piece of the 1" solid and drove it through the square, it worked like a champ.

    To get the slop out of the 1" althread I welded a 1" nut to the underside of the top plate and with another nut used like a jamb nut, I tightened it until all the slop came out then I tacked it to the welded nut.

    It's heavy the way I wanted it to be. I bought the stock holder from an outfit in Colorado that builds rife rests. I ordered the threaded balls, knobs and feet on line.

    It makes for a good welding project, simple but just as good or maybe even better than one you can buy.

    Dream it, weld it.

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