Hi Guys;

We're embarking on a new project which requires some aluminum welding. We tried the Dynasty 200 DX on a couple test assemblies with okay results.

On the final assembly we're planning to employ a collapsible wall on the two mating parts - with some filler. The collapsible wall can be up to 1mm wide and 2mm tall to thermally de- couple the weld area from the main parts and assembly, thus reduce amperage requirements and total heat input into the part.

As for the torch we're thinking of using a WeldTec micro torch (Link: http://www.tectorch.com/micro%20tig%20torch.htm)

The question that we're not sure of is what type of TIG welder to purchase. It seems that the 200 DX has plenty of amperage but we're curious if the 350 DX might produce better results on this weld application?

In the Miller marketing documentation the 350 DX adds Precision welding which the 200 DX doesnt have is not rated for. What features in particular does the 350 DX add that might help us? Can the 350 DX produce a smaller arc diameter to better focus the heat on small features (ie our collapsible wall)?What type of unit would you recommend for this application?