Hi, all --

New owner of a Miller 211. I have 240V in my garage with a 5-20r receptacle (currently used for my air compressor). I believe it necessarily is single-phase.

The 211 and my 25-ft extension cord have 6-50p plug ends and a 6-50r receptacle on the cord.

Two questions:

1. After a lot of web surfing, I've concluded I can simply make up a cable with a male 5-20p end and a female 6-50r end, and plug straight into the 240V wall socket.

Is this correct, or is there a better way to do this?

2. I need to double-check my panel, but I believe I have 20 amp breakers feeding the 240V wall socket.

Can/should I replace/upgrade the 20 amp breakers to 30 amp breakers?

EDIT: If I do upgrade to 30 amp breakers, do I need to also upgrade the 5-20r wall socket?

Thanks for the help!