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    Default trailblazer 250g rectifier shorted out.

    Hey everyone! got a quick question. I was welding today (GMAW, .035, 70S-6) had welded about 5 feet total and arc went away and welder was under big load. Hurried up and shut it down to find out the rectifier had shorted out. Any ideas what happen? I know the first 2 of ther serial is "KA" will get the rest tomorrow. I think the rectifier is 100% duty cycle so I don't really know what went wrong. Still has gen power. I took the rectifier out and it's toasted. Any ideas from you guys what went wrong? I hate to replace the rectifier if something else cause it, don't mind replacing it if just went bad. I don't like just changing parts until it's fixed, I like to know what went wrong and fix the right things. Again Thank you in advance!

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    Your running too low of high idle RPM, and asking the machine to do too much with it.

    Get yourself a meter that reads frequency (HZ). Your unit MUST read 62.5Hz high idle no load, and 43HZ low idle Adjust the engine to reach this reading

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    rpm hertz.jpg

    With this I'm reading 3500 rpms, @ 58 hz. Do you find this correct? Also i thought that 3600 rpms was max on the P220 onan. Is that so and will the engine stand more rpm's? Thanks for the help.

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    No do what cruzier says over 62 hz your probably going to have to have 3700 or over rpms . Look in your manual it says how to set it . But I go with cruzier.

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    Default Thanks!


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