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    Apr 2013

    Default looking for a syncrowave 350 single phase where to look.

    Hey guys I have been looking for a good used sync 350 for months.. I have found a few but most all are unreasonable on price.. I don't know what is causing the huge inflation on used syncs but the units I have found are quite pricey...

    Do any of you guys know where to look for a good used unit at a reasonable price.. I am keeping my ear to the ground on Craigs list and ebay.. I have done a google search for used syncs and hit up a couple of machinery liquidation sites.. I have had no luck..

    Thank you guys for any help you may offer,,


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    where are you located... I see them all the time in the south florida CL and Ft. Myers CL

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    Apr 2013


    I am located in northern Alabama.. I have been using search tempest for the longest trying to do single list searches. I have had a few returns but in the new jersey area.. I wont touch that because of sandy and the flood they had.. Prob a damaged machine they are trying to move for a few grand.. Once you pay LTL and get it how do you dispute it..

    I would like to find a machine in the Florida area as it is very drivable for me and I can put my hands on the machine to test..

    Thanks if anyone else has advice..


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