Heres the latest scam that was being played on me.

Out of the Blue I had a pastor of Trinidad Home of Hope orphanage contact me through E-mail.

Wants to buy 140 sheets of expanded metal and 15' of fencing that they will install their selves so I got a price together and emailed the quote.

I then found out that he's in San Juan Trinidad. So now I'm thinking this is a scam but I played along to see how they were going to try to get my money.

The scum Bag is going under the Name of Rev. Mathew Kings which is probably whos credit card he has stolen.

In his email he gives me a link to the shipping company called Protrac shipping that he wants me to use to ship the stuff.
There is a Protrack shipping but the link he sent me did not have the K in it so that set off another red flag.

He then calls me with a credit card # and wants me to process it over the phone while he waits ( I suspect it was stolen so I acted like everything was fine and it went through He wanted me to do 2 transactions on one card and one on another because the total was $ 7,000 for shipping.

Okay, so now he wants me to ship as soon as possible so I play along and contact: Protrac shipping and protrac shipping needs me to Western union or some how bankwire the money to their bank,

When I said that was a hassle and mentioned I could just Fedex it to him he said that wont work I must use protrac thats the only people they deal with.

So if you process the credit cards the credit card company will take the money back so you loose out there, If the stuff ships you loose your material and he gets paid when you do a wire transfer to the shipping company.

The address he was using in the scam was 32 Eastern Main street, San Juan, 0255 Trinidad.