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Glad you got it figured out. If this is your first experience with wedge anchors you will be pleasantly surprised how easy and well they work.
Fastenall came to my rescue, they found a store that had a broken open box of SS Trubolts so I only had to buy what I needed instead of a whole box. Fasenall direct shipped them to me. No store within 50 miles of me had SS Trubolts so I was glad to pay $15 shipping and handling to get them to the house, gas to go get them at the closest Fastenall store would have cost me that.

Thanks for the help Cgotto6 and everyone else. I feel better about doing the job after talking to you guys and doing some reading on Red Heads website.. The internet sure is a great help, I don't know how I would get by without it now.

The son is going to bring his drill to me when he gets a chance. He bought a new 1/2" SDS plus bit for the drill so I should be good to go.