I had a guy come to me to build a heavy duty reverse flow smoker. I figured I should put a build thread together. Should have it finished Sunday or Monday. I had been thinking about building myself one so it was good timing. I picked up a 42" piece of pipe for my personal smoker and I haven't had a chance to build it yet.

Build specs:
2'x3' Schd 20 pipe. 3/8" end caps and firebox. 5/16" round stock for the food grate and 2 levels of cooking space.

Lessons learned so far:
-He wanted to supply most of the odds and ends and brought me a 3' length of FBE pipe. DO NOT start with this. It is a huge pain to remove the epoxy coat. Took me several hours to do so. It was still cheaper for the customer rather than buying clean pipe, but that was his call.

-I ended up using some laser cut 1/4" hinge tabs that pull the lid away from the cook chamber as you lift it. This is a nice feature over using barrel hinges. I would definitely use these again. They have a 3/8" hole for a bolt but I am going to use a piece of hot rolled round as a "hinge pin" instead, mostly for personal preference.

-I CNC plasma cut the end caps and firebox pieces and this was well worth it. Faster than hand cutting and easier to piece together. Also, for the firebox I designed it so that each corner was a v-groove type deal and the welds have full penetration in one pass. It also gives the corner a 45* angle and I think it looks nice.

Ok, enough words, on to pictures.

2013-03-05 13.27.24.jpg2013-03-06 12.24.50.jpg2013-03-06 12.25.09.jpg2013-03-06 14.49.52.jpg2013-04-13 09.37.51.jpg