Hey Cruizer, can you offer any advice here?

Having some wire feed problems with my mm-200
serial jf958985
using the circuit diagram b-093 009-a
i only have a single circuit breaker inside the wire compartment and a single fuse on the front panel

reviewed the mm wire feed threads, found the thyer thread most useful
but, need something more than is there

this had some previous work done at a shop before i got the unit, a few splices, it worked fine for a while, but now symptoms below

pull the trigger, will strike an arc, gas comes on, cr1 works, cr2 does not work, can weld, but wire is intermittent
both sr1 and sr2 are ok, main contactor working
cr2 does not work, but, has 36 volts to it
changed cr2, still not working
no power to wire motor

i have occasionally been able to get wire feed to work but the cr2 relay does not move when that happens

not sure about the cb1, it seems popped out and does not seem to want to reset, but, has continuity between 2 adjacent pairs of posts

would like to make sure the wiring on cr2 is correct, but, not sure how to read the diagram ... which wire numbers go to which pole on the relay?

any thoughts out there?