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Thread: E3 tungsten

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    Default E3 tungsten

    Ok so i was at the LWS and they were out of ceriated;( The salesman really talked this stuff up. so whos used e3 and what were the results? I purchased some and have yet to light one up

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    It spits less for me on high (for my machine and 3/32 tungsten) amp AC. The ball seems to be more stable.

    Haven't tried it on DC yet. But will definitely shift to all purple on AC.
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    Default E3 tungsten

    I've ordered some E3 from my local Airgas store.... Can't wait to try it!

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    My LWS sold me what they called Rare Earth tungsten, not sure if this is the same as E3, however it was less expensive, has very good arc starting and tip life. HERE is a site for the E3 tungsten.

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    Sales guy talked em up pretty good at my lws, so I bit. Not impresseed one bit. I run a old transformer machine tho so they may be great on a inverter. I thought they sucked to be honest. Red, green or orange for me still!

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    Default E3 tungsten

    Yesturday my LWS said there already starting to discontinue, there is some he can't reorder now. Bought my 1st E3, but he said they work fine with inverter machines. Time will tell?

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    The e3 is basically just 1.5% lanth. Why spend the extra coin. I priced it out from them and I was not impressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elvis View Post
    The e3 is basically just 1.5% lanth. Why spend the extra coin. I priced it out from them and I was not impressed.

    From what I have seen it is chemical composition: 98.34% W + 1.5% La 2 O3 +.08% ZrO2 + .08% Y2o3.

    2% lanthanum quite frankly is just as good or better for AC, and miles better on DC to reduce tip erosion. But for DC, and long tip life, nothing is as good as 2% thoriated IMO.

    My go to tungstens are blue for AC, and red for DC. You can find both in 1/8" for less than $35 per pack of 10.
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