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    Default getting better with D165?

    I need an opinion from the smart guys on this forum. I've got a D165 that I purchased only to do aluminum work. If you search my threads you'll see I'm learning but slowly.

    Now I'm pondering whether I should buy one of the flow indicating regulators with secondary purge ($255) because I don't have much idea about gas flow?

    Is that a reasonable investment for a low grade amatuer and will I be able to get a better handle on the process? The idea that I'm wasting gas isn't the driver so much as I think I had too much gas blowing the arc around recently. Just looking to pull this together....
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    Waste of time and $$. All you need is more practice. Once you get better, upgrade to a machine with more ooomff.

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    I have add and the bouncy ball is fun to watch. If you get one you can buy an htp for cheap. They are decent. I've also bought them off eBay with good luck. That is just something to spend money on. It will not make you a better welder. Are you using the right tungsten and sharpening it correctly?

    If you want to spend some coin a miller digital elite hood would be sweet.
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    I understand your concern with gas flow. Wondering if what is indicated on your flowgauge is part of the puzzle. I use portable flowmeters at my benches to check the flow right at the cup. I chose the one from This one is graduated in CFH, not LPH like the cheap ones. They are about $30 and can determine if you have a compromised flow somewhere.

    Some causes of bad gas coverage is wrong gas, crushed collet, broken backcap, unseated collet body, loose fittings, punctured powercable, pinched hose, too much or too little gas, and so on.

    What are the specifics of your weldment? And what fillers are you using? Cup size and flow?

    I really like the Diversion series. If you could make my way, I would be happy to plug it in and give your machine a whirl. Perhaps the issue can be resolved.
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