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    Default Issues with miller 211 thinking of getting a new machine need info

    I bought a miller 211 in 09 and have gotten good use out of it but nothing crazy less then 100 hours. About 6 months ago I was welding on a project and all the sudden its stops feeding. The fan is running but I get nothing when pressing the trigger. So i stop what im doing and take it in. The dealer says something is wrong needs to go to the repair facility. They have it for two weeks I was told they replaced the board brought it home worked great. Yesterday Im building a rack for my trailer about 50% done and now the same thing has happened. Anyone else's machine do this?

    Im a excavation contractor by trade I use this machine to make repairs on equipment weld on my trailers etc occasional use maybe once or twice a month but when I need most of time the project needed to be done yesterday! Most material I use are between 3/16 and up to 1/4" steel mostly square tubing, channel etc. Im alittle meticuolous about my things and apreciate the weld quality the 211 puts out. Now im in a bind and need to get this trailer done! im going to take the 211 back to the shop today but im right in the middle of this project. So im going to need something else in the interim . Im thinking of purchasing a miller 252 but ive also had the idea of going the bobcat route as I always seem to find myself in need of about 20-30 extra feet on my gun lol I will also enjoy the the capacity of welding thicker materials.

    The 252 would be the easiest choice for the project im in the middle of right now but the bobcat would give me alot of flexibility in the future. I guess my fear is the bobcat being alittle out of my leauge as far as setting the machine up and getting quality welds. My stick welding experience is limited so there will be a learning curve there i just dont know how much. Adding a wire feeder to the bobcat would be ideal but that will push it out of my price range at this time.

    Sorry for writing a book thanks for the input!

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    If you bought the machine from a local Welding Supply ask them if they have a machine they can loan you while your 211 gets repaired again. Sounds like the next weakest link thingy is going on.

    Bobcat sounds like winner if it fits your needs and pocket book, having a reliable back up is good business if you're in business. After you get the 211 fixed plug it into the Bobcat and you won't need a feeder and you will have the 211 for the shop.

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    Thanks for reply tack it I'm thinking the same thing the bobcat is a better fit for me but I'm just wondering what the learning curve is like adjusting the machine and getting quality welds ASAP lol on the bobcat .

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    In my honest opinion, the Bobcat would be the way to go. The learning curve is very short and it will cover anything you could come across. It is also a machine that has been proven time and time again out in the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpence38 View Post
    In my honest opinion, the Bobcat would be the way to go. The learning curve is very short and it will cover anything you could come across. It is also a machine that has been proven time and time again out in the field.
    I agree with this statement too. In addition, the BC will allow you to weld thicker material than the 211 can do, if you ever need to. Not to mention if you have a piece of equipment that needs to be repaired in the field before it can be moved. You can't do that with the 211 unless you can bring a power supply to the site and use flux core wire with it. By the time you could buy a genset that could power the 211, you could have just about paid for the BC instead. The BC will prevent you from having to do ALL the welding at the shop, some can be done on the job site instead of bringing it in to the shop to get done. And if you have to work at night to get a job done, the BC can power enough lights to light up a stadium.
    If you get a spoolgun later for the 211, it can also be used with the BC if you get the adapter box to go with it.

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    Make sure the switch on the front is NOT on the Spoolgun setting

    Not that that happened to me
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