This is kind of a tricky one. My buddy has his own condo so he can't weld there. He has a barn at his parents but it doesn't have good enough power for a welder and his father doesn't want him to wire it up for welding. So....basically he wants to MIG weld with a budget. He went to WTTI but realistically only TIG welds for a living now. It's probably 150 feet to the barn so a 110v extension cord is outta the question. Is it within reason to run say a Hobart/Miller 140 or 180 amp mig off of a medium sized generator? It wouldn't be used all the time but for side projects. If so any recommendations for a decent generator that won't break the bank? He is looking to get into it with a welder, generator(or other suggestion) and a couple of tools for under $2000. I'll be helping him with the projects and such and I know a 140 amp machine will be enough although it may require a little extra work. Thanks for any replies. Dave