First thing I did was remove my guard, several years later, a week ago my loose flannel shirt was caught by a wire wheel. Good thing for me it had a second layer liner in it but still ripped that shirt to threads in about a second. I was lucky, no blood.

I put it back on.

A guard protects much more than shirts, you can direct the sparks as the guard will pivot around. Helped today as I was working pretty much pinned under a trailer about a foot off the ground. Could only use one hand at any time.

The guard was a life saver. Controlling sparks was a blessing. Using it as a guide for the one handed cleaning was great also. Keeping the wheel off the wood in those stressed and stretched positions would have been impossible without the guard.

Took me a few years and a near accident to realize what I have been missing. I will never remove another guard.

And I will never work laying in gravel, underneath anything so low you stay stuck 50% of the time. I hurt from head to toe.