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Right on brother, I just joined this forum, I'm a Lincoln guy, mainly because I contract for the North Dakota Oil fields. That being said my my rig trucks got a 300D pipeliner on it. I have an ESAB 150 tig/stick and a Maxstar too. I read you whole post and just misunderstood ya. That monorail projects seemed pretty cool based on the pics. I'll be putting pics up and updating my profile so if ya get a chance check my rig out, its my baby... probably went way overboard but oh well! Take it easy.
I have a 1989 f350 that i am going to mount my sa250 on. I havnt used either one of them in over 6 months or longer. Im not sure exactly how i wana set it up yet but i definetly wana do something cool, i will have lots of time to mess with it. The truck has a flatbody and its set up to dump so what i might do is build the welder body on kind of a skid so i can slide it off easily and winch it back on whenever.