Hi All,

I am restoring a 1950's 10 ft vintage utility trailer. It was built with a front "A" type frame of 6" box set at 50 degrees. I have to replace the existing welded "A" coupler (a very unusual style) with a new Atwood 2" ball unit. I plan to use 1/8" 7018 Excalibur H4 on my Maxstar to put it together as the wind will be a problem (and I'm too lazy to switch my 251 to FCAW). Two questions:

1. What is the best strategy for removing the existing coupler without damaging the frame rails? I'm reluctant to torch it for fear of cutting into the rails.

2. When welding the new unit on, should I weld the inside as well? I don't see that on any of the new trailers I've looked at and I don't know why they don't.