Hi folks, I've got a problem with my TB and was hoping the "collective" could help. I've been following the forum for a while (just never joined) so I scoured several older posts but nothing that matched my situation exactly. Anyhow, about two weeks ago I noticed the 120v outlet seemed a bit weak so I went through the usual routine. Fuel filters, air filter, oil, check and adjust run/idle speed (3750 no load) . No change. Ordered and installed new brushes and cleaned slip rings. No change. Checked wiring and connections. Found a broken spade connector on a (physically) large 200 ohm resistor, located above the fuel tank and beside the PC1 board. Replaced the spade connector and checked resistance (out of circuit), 200 ohms. No noticeable change. Btw, my meter showed 110v and 220v at the outlets. I was unable to check the freq because my meter is very basic. I went ahead and ordered a good fluke and had it shipped 2 day priority..... a week ago. (yup, that's my luck). So it should be here between Monday and August. It still welds strong on DC, but feels weak when welding on AC. I fear that a new PC1 board will have to be ordered, but it seems that I read a post here some time back about needing to replace other components at the same time as the board. A rectifier of sorts if memory serves me correctly ( and it usually doesn't, haha). Anyhow, advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated. My machine is a 2006 Trailblazer 302D ser# LG054799 with almost 3000 hrs. Thanks again, T.J.