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My LWS quoted the price between the two at a 250.00 difference.

There isn't much difference between the new machines but seems to be more between the older versions from looking at Millers site here.

The previous 225 and I don't know how long ago was 8000 running watts and new is 10,500 and "supposed" to be cleaner power, who knows.

Both the new 225 and 250 are 5" shorter and 33% noise reduction, 55lbs lighter with some kind of improved air flow design. The 250 has a fuel gage and I read somewhere where the 250 has better sound quality but the same in noise level.

The new machines have the OSHA required terminal covers but you can buy the rubber covers for the others.

My thoughts have been whether to buy new or older version, not so much as 225 or 250.

Seems all the better used deals are 3 to 4 hours drive away. The locals think 500 bucks off new price on an antique rust bucket is a great deal.

I like the new warranty but I am afraid it will run out before I need the first oil change.

Does anybody know what year the 225 machines changed from 8000 to 10500?
I found an old Miller full-line catalog from 2009. It appears that the current Bobcats haven't changed since then.

Seems like, in my mind at least, a newer machine would be the way to go.

I called the gentleman in MD and he still has the new Bobcat 225 with ~3 hours on it. After speaking with him, this seems like the most logical choice.

I will inform you guys of what happens!

Thank you everyone!